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Supply of natural gas throughout Ukraine

About us

LLC "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" provides gas supply, provision of related services and customer support throughout of Ukraine.

Who we are

“ENERGY EQUIVALENT” LLC is a company that supplies imported natural gas, as well as domestic production gas, to gas traders and directly to final consumers in Ukraine.


The founders of "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" LLC have gone a long way in defining the goals and ways of enterprise development, creating conditions for the beginning of economic activity. In 2018 LLC "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" started its active activity with its own budget.


LLC "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" already cooperates with such international companies as ETFX GROUP UK LLC (Sultanate Oman), ETFX CONSULTANTS LTD (UK), Trameta K.S. (Slovakia), MVM Magyar Földgázkereskedő Zrt. (Hungary), LLC "ENCO-SERVICE COMPANY" ESCO-PIVNICH "(Ukraine)," Naftogaz "Group (Ukraine), PJSC" Odessa Port Plant "and the list of our partners are confidently expanding.


"ENERGY EQUIVALENT" LLC - to carry out its activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international norms and customs, and is developing steadily in this direction.


we appreciate every partner developing cooperation based on stability, reliability and trust. LLC "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" guarantees:

  • timely delivery 100%
  • technical support 100%
  • legal support 100%

Our goals

At the initial stage of development, a team of our specialists signed cooperation agreements with major players in the gas market in Europe and Ukraine. We are also negotiating possible supplies of hydrocarbons to the Ukrainian market with key producing companies in the UAE and Oman, which in turn will allow our company to reach a leading position in the industry and significantly increase the supply of natural gas to Ukrainian consumers at a competitive price.



LLC "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" carries out its activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international norms and invites new partners to cooperation.

Restoration of work of PJSC "Odessa Port Plant"

Do not miss a press conference on Restoring the work
of PJSC "Odessa Port Plant" at 12:30

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Odessa port plant & “ENERGY EQUIVALENT”- the beginning of a new era

Odessa Port Plant is doing active preparations for the launch of production. According to preliminary calculations, from February 1 to February 10, the company is planning to start working again on a give-and-take basis.
“ENERGY EQUIVALENT» is a new partner of the Odessa Port Plant. Our company will supply natural gas to the plant and sell finished products - ammonia and urea. "ENERGY EQUIVALENT" has already concluded contracts for the supply of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds throughout the territory of Ukraine. The demand for products is growing every day.
Now all the workshops of the OPP have already been transferred to the working mode and prepared for the 5-day working week, trial gas supplies have already been carried out. There have been made advance payments to the OPP accounts and a trial nomination for a small amount of gas. However, the technical process for launching work takes more than one day. Since the plant has remained a critical number of workers who can support the workflow, the planned start-up of the enterprise may be postponed. At the moment, about 2,800 workers are left at the plant.

our development

“ENERGY EQUIVALENT” Limited Liability Company is carrying out its activities in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international norms and customs and invites new partners to cooperate.


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